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If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve heard the song “Evenflow” live no less than 10 times; each rendition slightly different than the last. But how many times have you heard “I Got You” live? Was it a quality version?

Chances are it was recorded by some guy in the 10th row with a tape recorder in one hand and a beer in the other. The rarer the song, the worse the quality it seems. Ever heard the first iteration of MFC from the 12.04.96 show in Rome? Precisely.

The Signature Live series is meant to act as “best version of [insert rare song here]” both in terms of sound quality and performance dynamics.


    • Happy Birthday [Punk]DOWNLOAD MP3
      This version is from the show in San Antonio, TX on 4/5/03. It was Mike’s birthday. After Ed’s punk version, a giant cake was brought out and which was subsequently mashed into his face.
    • Harvest MoonDOWNLOAD MP3
      Harvest Moon is a studio album by Neil Young, released in 1992. Many of the musicians appearing on it also appeared on his 1972 album Harvest. The song "Harvest Moon" appears as track four. This cover is from the 10/1/2005 show at the Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ.
    • Hawaii '78DOWNLOAD MP3
      "Hawaii '78" is a song written by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. This cover is from the 12/9/2006 show in Honolulu, Hawaii.
    • Heart to Hang OntoDOWNLOAD MP3

    • Heres To The State Of MississippiDOWNLOAD MP3

    • History Never RepeatsDOWNLOAD MP3
      "History Never Repeats" was a single written by Neil Finn and recorded by Split Enz for their 1981 Waiata album. The song remains one of their most popular. The video was one of the first to be played on MTV upon its launch in 1981. This cover is from the 04/04/2001 Neil Finn show in Auckland, New Zealand.
    • Hunger StrikeDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Hunger Strike" is a song by the American rock band Temple of the Dog. Written by vocalist Chris Cornell, "Hunger Strike" was released in 1991 as the first single from the band's sole studio album, Temple of the Dog (1991). It was Temple of the Dog's most popular song. The song peaked at number four on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.
    • I Am a Patriot [Full Band]DOWNLOAD MP3

    • I Believe in MiraclesDOWNLOAD MP3

    • I Can't ExplainDOWNLOAD MP3
      "I Can't Explain" is a song by The Who, written by Pete Townshend. The song was issued as a single via Brunswick Records on 15 January 1965 in the United Kingdom, and on 13 February 1965 in the United States.
    • I Got YouDOWNLOAD MP3
      "I Got You" is a 1980 song by Split Enz from their studio album True Colours. Split Enz's most successful single, "I Got You" was written by Neil Finn and released in January 1980. It topped the charts in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, reached #12 in the United Kingdom, and #53 in the United States.
    • I Must Not Think Bad ThoughtsDOWNLOAD MP3
      "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts" is a song written by X which appears as track 7 on More Fun in the New World, which is their fourth album.
    • I Remember YouDOWNLOAD MP3
      TFT Notes: Ed talks about the anniversary of Johnny Ramone’s death and plays “I Remember You” (from Leave Home) solo on acoustic. This version is from 9/15/2011 show in Hamilton, Ontario.
    • I See RedDOWNLOAD MP3
      "I See Red" is a 1978 song by Split Enz from their studio album Frenzy. "I See Red" was the second Split Enz song to achieve a top 20 chart position, peaking at #15 in Australia and #43 in the band's native New Zealand. This cover is from the 04/04/2001 Neil Finn show in Auckland, New Zealand.
    • I Shall Be ReleasedDOWNLOAD MP3
      "I Shall Be Released" is a 1967 song written by Bob Dylan. The Band played it on their debut album, Music from Big Pink (1968), with Richard Manuel singing lead vocals, and Rick Danko and Levon Helm harmonizing in the chorus. This version is from the Kokua Festival and features Jack Johnson and Eddie Vedder.
    • I Won't Back DownDOWNLOAD MP3
      "I Won't Back Down" is the first single from Tom Petty's first solo album, Full Moon Fever released in 1989. The song was written by Petty and his writing partner for the album, Jeff Lynne.
    • I'm OneDOWNLOAD MP3
      "I'm One" is a song by The Who. It was released on the group's 1973 rock opera album Quadrophenia. This song was written and sung by Pete Townshend.
    • If You Want Blood (You Got It)DOWNLOAD MP3

    • ImagineDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Imagine" is a song written and performed by the English musician John Lennon. From the 10/19/14 show in St. Paul, MN.
    • Interstellar OverdriveDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Interstellar Overdrive" is a psychedelic composition by Pink Floyd, which appears on their 1967 debut album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. This version is from the 10/4/2009 at the Austin City Limits Festival.
    • It Happened TodayDOWNLOAD MP3
      "It Happened Today" is the fifth track from REM's final album, Collapse Into Now. This version is from a show in Calgary on 9/21/11.
    • It Makes No DifferenceDOWNLOAD MP3

    • It Rains On MeDOWNLOAD MP3
      Originally recorded by Tom Waits. This version is from the 6/11/08 show in West Palm Beach, FL.
    • It's OkDOWNLOAD MP3
      "It's OK" is a song written by Dead Moon, Clackamas, Oregon band fronted by singer/guitarist/songwriter Fred Cole.
    • Jazz OdysseyDOWNLOAD MP3

    • Jersey GirlDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Jersey Girl" is a song composed and originally sung by American singer-songwriter Tom Waits from his 1980 album Heartattack and Vine. It subsequently became best known in a live version by Bruce Springsteen in the 1980s. This version is from the 5/18/10 performance in Newark, NJ.
    • Kick Out the JamsDOWNLOAD MP3
      Kick Out the Jams is the first album by Detroit protopunkers MC5, released in 1969. It was recorded live at Detroit's Grande Ballroom over two nights, Devil's Night and Halloween, 1968. In 2003, the album was ranked number 294 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. The song "Kick Out the Jams" appears as track two.
    • Know Your RightsDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Know Your Rights" is a song by The Clash released as a single that was eventually released on their album, Combat Rock. The song was the first single off the album that was released.
    • Last Kiss [Full Band]DOWNLOAD MP3

    • Let My Love Open the DoorDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Let My Love Open the Door" is a song written and performed by Pete Townshend from his 1980 album Empty Glass. It reached the top ten in that same year, reaching number nine.
    • Let's See ActionDOWNLOAD MP3

    • Light My FireDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Light My Fire" is a song originally performed by The Doors which was recorded in August 1966 and released the first week of January, 1967. This cover is from the 1/12/1993 Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame induction show for doors in Los Angeles, California.
    • Lion's ShareDOWNLOAD MP3

    • Little WingDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Little Wing" is a song written by Jimi Hendrix. It was first recorded by The Jimi Hendrix Experience on their 1967 album Axis: Bold as Love. It is ranked #357 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of "the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time".
    • Love Reign O'er MeDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Love, Reign o'er Me" is a song by the English rock band The Who. Written by guitarist and songwriter Pete Townshend, "Love, Reign o'er Me" was released on October 23, 1973 as the second single from the band's sixth studio album and second rock opera, Quadrophenia (1973).
    • Magic BusDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Magic Bus" is a 1968 song by The Who. It is one of the band's popular songs and been a concert staple. It was written by Pete Townshend at the time of My Generation, but wasn't released until Magic Bus: The Who on Tour. The song reached #26 in the United Kingdom and #25 in the United States.
    • Man On The MoonDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Man on the Moon" is a song by R.E.M., released as the second single from its 1992 album Automatic for the People. The song makes numerous references to the performer Andy Kaufman, including his Elvis impersonation and work with wrestlers Fred Blassie and Jerry Lawler. The song was released as a single in 1992.
    • Masters of WarDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Masters of War" is a song by Bob Dylan, written in 1963 and released on the album The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan. It is an adaptation, with new words by Dylan, of "Nottamun Town". This cover is from the 10/16/1992 Bob Dylan tribute at the Garden in New York City.
    • Modern GirlDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Modern Girl" is a song written by Sleater-Kinney that appears as track five on their seventh and final studio album, The Woods.
    • MolineDOWNLOAD MP3
      From the 10/17/14 show in Moline, IL.
    • Money [That's What I Want]DOWNLOAD MP3

    • MotherDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Mother" is a song by Pink Floyd. It appeared on The Wall album in 1979. The song is notable for its varied use of time signatures. This version was performed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in September 2011.
    • Mountain SongDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Mountain Song" is a song by Jane's Addiction released on their 1988 album Nothing's Shocking. The song is about two significant girls in Perry Farrell's life who died. This cover is from the 10/4/2009 show at the Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, Texas.
    • My HometownDOWNLOAD MP3
      "My Hometown" is a song by Bruce Springsteen off his Born in the U.S.A. album.
    • My SharonaDOWNLOAD MP3
      "My Sharona" is the debut single by The Knack, released in 1979 from their album Get the Knack. It reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart where it remained for six weeks and was #1 on Billboard's Top Pop Singles of 1979 year-end chart.
    • Naked EyeDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Naked Eye" is a song by The Who (found on Odds and Sods and the reissue of Who's Next)
    • New World - RevolutionDOWNLOAD MP3

    • No MoreDOWNLOAD MP3

    • No SurrenderDOWNLOAD MP3
      "No Surrender" is a song from Bruce Springsteen's album Born in the U.S.A. Though it was not one of the seven Top Ten hits of the album, "No Surrender" nevertheless charted on the Mainstream Rock Charts, peaking at # 40.
    • No Woman, No CryDOWNLOAD MP3
      "No, Woman, No Cry" is a reggae song by Bob Marley & The Wailers. The song first became known in 1974 through the studio album Natty Dread. The live version from the 1975 album Live! is perhaps best known — it was this version which was released on the greatest hits compilation Legend.
    • Not Given LightlyDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Not Given Lightly" is a song written by Chris Knox. It was announced as New Zealand's thirteenth best song of all time as voted by APRA members. This duet cover is from the 11/27/2009 show in Auckland, New Zealand.
    • People Have the PowerDOWNLOAD MP3
      "People Have the Power" is a rock song written by Patti Smith and Fred "Sonic" Smith, and released as a lead single from Patti Smith 1988 album Dream of Life.
    • Picture In A FrameDOWNLOAD MP3
      "Picture In A Frame" is a song written by Tom Waits that appears as track eleven on his 1999 album Mule Variations. This cover is from the 9/17/06 show in Milan, Italy.
    • Poor GirlDOWNLOAD MP3

    • Public ImageDOWNLOAD MP3
      Public Image is the 5th track from "First Issue", the first album released in 1978 by the English band Public Image LTD. The version comes from the 7/6/10 show in Venice, Italy.

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    1. rard o says:


    2. smak says:

      wow, “Mountain Song” sounds eerily EXACTLY like Jane’s … LOL! Great site guys, be cool to hear the REAL Pearl Jam cover version of that song if it exists

    3. InstantKarma says:

      If You Want Blood ends rather abruptly.

      Awesome friggin’ site!

    4. RYEzup says:

      I Shall Be Released!!!! Where is this from? I have always wanted to hear Ed sing this song. Are there any other versions? I would love for PJ to cover this!

    5. Scott says:

      Hey anyone have EV’s cover of Bruce’s “One Step Up,” it’s a 1988 Demo that’s one Youtube. Would love to get this on my iPod. Just seems everything EV puts his voice to sounds better.

    6. melissa says:

      Scott, you can convert the youtube song to stick in yer Ipod, use 2conv.com 🙂

    7. Scottie says:

      The Happy Birthday Punk version is from San Antonio (Selma), TX on 4/5/03. It was Mike’s b-day. (Actually he had the punk version and regular version sung to him by the crowd that night.) After Ed’s punk version, a giant cake was brought out and was proceeded to be smashed in his face. Great show. Great version of “I Am A Patriot” that night too. 🙂

    8. Andrew Fornasier says:

      Does anyone have the audio from the Letterman Masters of War performance? Done around the time of the Vote for Change tour. Great version.

    9. tigers84 says:

      “my hometown” is killer!! those two voices and hearts together…..damn……..damn,damn!!

    10. AJ says:

      Is Reign O’er Me from the VH1 rock honors?

    11. […] morning gremmies. goof and I have added “Mother” by Pink Floyd to the Signature Live section of gremmie.net. the band performed the song during their early September stint on Late Night with […]

    12. Mollie says:

      This “It’s OK” is my favorite one I’ve ever heard. It’s like my favorite piece of music ever. Do you know when/where it’s from? Thanks!

    13. VP says:

      ‘It Happened Today’ by REM was covered during the Calgary 2011 show…

    14. Nick says:

      My hometown has a weird glitch at 1:31. Is there a version without this?

    15. Brook says:

      http://youtu.be/XTnX1TwmFVY – u guys got a good copy of this?

    16. Gary Newman says:

      looking for catholic boy 1995 from the warehouse recordings

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