self pollution radio

“Hey… am I on?” were the uncertain first words delivered by Pearl Jam singer-cum-DJ Eddie Vedder at the start of the band’s latest frolic on the airwaves, “Self Pollution Radio.” The four-and-a-half hour show, broadcast on January 8, 1995, was a Seattle scenester’s delight, featuring live sets from Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, the Fastbacks, and Mad Season (a satellite project for Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready and Alice In Chain’s Layne Staley, previously known as The Gacy Bunch), a spoken word piece from Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic, tracks from Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl’s upcoming solo album, impromptu interviews and much more.

set 1: Spin the Black Circle, Satan’s Bed, Corduroy, Not for You, Immortality
set 2: jam, Last Exit, Blood, Tremor Christ, Porch, Indifference


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    1. […] it has been packed into a ZIP file and submitted for your approval. you can find it here. the set Pearl Jam played is below, but the full broadcast includes much more, including Ed […]

    2. mary justice says:

      Thank you!!!!

    3. Crazy Mary says:

      YES!!! Thanks!

    4. Yorgs says:

      Oh my, I have been looking for this for years !! Thank you !!

    5. ruinah says:

      Oh wow, I remember listening to this broadcast on the local Alt-Rock station here in Atlanta (99X!) I had it recorded, but I doubt I still have it. I recorded the Soundgarden set onto a mix-tape of Soundgarden rarities I had, became a regular of my tapes for school. I still have that tape, but the sound quality is horrible. I can’t believe this is on the internet in it’s entirety, though. This is amazing…

    6. ruinah says:

      Also, this broadcast was the first time I ever heard Wesley Willis…

    7. CC Millz says:

      Thanks so much for this. I was 14 when I taped this off of Philadelphia’s alt-rock station. I had no idea until about ten years ago that one of the songs that I liked on this broadcast was Daniel Johnston.

    8. Nerdyfangirl says:

      Awesome! Thx so much for making this available! I taped this from KDGE in Dallas and no longer have the tape. So cool. Now I can hear “homegrown, in my backyard…”.

    9. Zach says:

      Thanks!! This is really a gem to have!

    10. […] of the special edition are tracks from the New Year’s Eve 1994 RKCNDY show, two songs from Self-Pollution Radio (Vedder’s radio project) in early January 1995, and the music video for ‘River of […]

    11. Don Edwards says:

      I am ecstatic to find this…I wore out the tape I made on Q102 in Dallas many years ago not to mention my recording experienced “technical difficulties” during Not for You that ruined the rest of that set until the next record they had spun. To top it all off, the radio station ducked out after roughly 2 hours and went back to local programming so I’ve never heard what happened after I believe Krist N’s spoken word. I am STOKED to be able to hear this complete for the first time! Did I mention Thank You!!!!

    12. I have been searching for info of this broadcast for years!
      I remember being glued to the radio at 14 hanging on every word and song.
      Times have changed. The kids today do not get these simple yet rich pleasures. I so miss the 90’s
      Getting into shows under age…. great times.

    13. John says:

      I just found my tapes of this show I recorded off the radio when I was in high school, and they’re in perfect condition! Thank goodness my car still has a cassette deck! Lol. Now I’ve got to play my P.J. bootleg tapes I found as well. I listened to them almost everyday back then.

    14. Andre says:

      Anyone know where to find a FLAC source?

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