monkeywrench radio

notes from five horizons: This radio broadcast originated from Seattle and was relayed to any radio stations wanting to carry it. This show consisted, not only of the three live PJ sets listed above, but also other live band performances (Zeke, Mudhoney, Tuatara, Brad), chat with friends, phone calls and a few records, very much like the previous Self-Pollution radio broadcast. Very cool way to premier ‘In Hiding’ [thanks!!!]. This show was and included many cybercasts. Some stations dropped the show during Matt Lukin’s phone message; others dropped out toward the end.

set 1: Do the Evolution, Given to Fly, Pilate, Wish List
set 2: Brain of J, In Hiding, Spin the Black Circle
set 3: Nothingman


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    1. Aaron says:

      Is there anyway I can find the whole recording in digital format? I have it all on cassette, but its been awhile since I have heard it. Please let me know.

    2. Jeff Smail says:

      Yes, looking for a digital copy of the entire broadcast. Can anyone help?

    3. Zig says:

      I too have this entire broadcast on cassettes. The station here in Cleveland stayed till the end. I will have access to a cassette to CD converter this fall. I’ll have to dig these tapes up.

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