the academy 1992

notes from five horizons: Unusual fast version of ‘Wash.’ A short clip of ‘Sonic Reducer’ was broadcast on CBS’s New Year’s Eve broadcast. (One of the cameramen almost does an unintentional stagedive, camera and all.) Ed thanks Keith Richards, saying, “If it weren’t for Keith, Mike McCready wouldn’t even be here.”

The rare ‘Dirty Frank’ had not been played previously live in its entirety. ‘Stranglehold’ is a Ted Nugent song. Mike remarks after this jam, “They forced me to play it. I think Ted Nugent is a stupid idiot.” Somewhat reluctantly, Ed and Mike join Keith for his encore song, ‘Goin’ Down.’

set: Wash, Sonic Reducer, Why Go, Even Flow, Alone, Garden, Daughter, Dirty Frank, Oceans, Alive, Leash, Stranglehold jam/Porch


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