atlanta 1994

notes from five horizons: Jeff joins Kings’ X, playing bass on the Hendrix cover, ‘Manic Depression.’ King’s X vocalist Doug Pinnick and drummer Jerry Gaskill help out during ‘WMA’ Some lyrics from ‘Not for You’ are thrown in at the end of ‘Blood.’ Prior to a super ‘Sonic Reducer,’ Ed starts playing drums and Dave announces, “Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Abbruzzese!” Jeff chimes in, “Otherwise known as ‘Four Feet’.” Dave then mocks the crowd’s earlier chants of “Eddie, Eddie!” by mumbling “Ed” several times into the mic, before returning to the drum set. A bit of ‘Satan’s Bed’ (“torture follows reward”) is mixed into ‘Rats.

Before ‘Porch,’ Ed says, “I think you won, but I enjoyed the fight,” referring to a large banner handed to him, which reads, “Eddie vs. Atlanta.” Meanwhile, the band is jamming to the Kiss song, ‘Detroit Rock City.’ During the long jam during the middle of this incredible version of ‘Porch,’ Ed throws his mic stand at a huge replica of the “boy on the cross” figurine (depicted in the Vs. book) hanging in the background. Ed dons a Cincinnati Bengals helmet and the gold bat wings and climbs the lighting rig above the stage. Staying there through most of the jam, he throws down a dummy wearing a similar outfit. The crowd screams, thinking that Ed has fallen, but he reappears, and starts singing again. Jeff kicks the dummy into the crowd where it is ripped to pieces.

set: Release, Rearviewmirror, Whipping, Even Flow, Dissident, Why Go, Deep, Jeremy, Glorified G, Daughter/(ABitW-II), Go, Animal, Garden, State of Love and Trust, Black, Alive, Blood/(Not for You), WMA, Better Man, Elderly Woman, Rats, Satan’s Bed, Once, Sonic Reducer, Porch/(Androgynous Mind), Indifference


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    1. zig says:

      i have this whole show on cassette including the after show transmit where eddie dj’d .. if you email me an address to mail it to , i will send it for you to convert to mp3 and then you can attach it onto this show download …will be sweet!
      hope to hear from ya

    2. calla says:

      wow…just found your side and will have to cancel my date tonight=) great, thank you so much!!! and to zig: is there any possibility you would send me the aftershow????..would be soooo wonderful!..ha..have a great day—I will now=)

    3. Thomas says:

      At the end of WMA, Ed says something about look in tomorrow’s newspaper. Does anyone have any detail or insight on what he was talking about?

    4. BeShakey says:

      The next day is April 4 – the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jrs death.

    5. tim says:

      I was at this show. 2 + hours of unbrideled emotion. Spent $250 for 2 tix. Back in the day when there was no ebay or craigslist and had to drive all over ATL to find the “broker” with the tix. Driove 250 miles one way to this show and it was worth EVERYF’N PENNY. I will never forget how i was so moved during “porch” that I physically moved my wife from the aisle so i could have more room to move around. UnREAL!!!! Arguably the greatest time of my life. when the lights went down and PJ came on, it was a spiritual experience. Saw them at Lolla in 91, ATL 94, Sacramento 95, San Jose 95 and SF 2008. There is none better. I will load up the kids for the road trip of their lives when the festival for PJ20 is announced!!!!!!

    6. Twah says:

      I listened to this concert on the radio when 99X broadcast it. I taped it and I listen to this concert a lot.I wish I could have been there to watch it in person.

    7. Chad says:

      I did the same. In Chattanooga, I could sometimes get 99X. I had to move my dresser with my radio next to my window and keep my hand on top of it to get perfect reception. That cassette is one of my most prized Pearl Jam items….

    8. Aaron says:

      I was up in upstate NY recording this concert on 102.3 ZROCK station that was from TX. I also have self pollution radio and Monkeywrench radio all in their entirety!…TY Gremmie for doing the conversion for us!

    9. Becky says:

      Happy 20th anniversary of this show!! I still have my original bootleg cassettes, (two copies – one that I’d listen to, and the other to preserve forever and ever!) including the “DJ Eddie Hour.” I was so lucky to hear this live 20 years ago. I was only 13, it was Easter Sunday, and I could barely get through the entire day in anticipation of this show. I was glued to my radio all night. “Indifference,” was the perfect song to close the show as my eyes were also closing – then Eddie’s speaking voice magically appeared. It was an amazing night, all alone in my room. The next day in school, we had to write in our lame English journals, which our dickhead teacher would always read a few entries to the class. That morning he read mine aloud, where I’d written about the PJ broadcast. I had no friends, but a few people brought in tapes the next day and asked me to dub the concert for them. I was happy to do so, and even more glad that there were some Pearl Jam fans in my class. Up until then I’d felt alone – I was the only kid who wore a Pearl Jam shirt in school (a tiny 13-year old wearing a big men’s t-shirt, because they only made them for dudes in those days!) It was a happy time. I just wish I’d been a bit older and living on the opposite coast so I’d have had a chance to see them in concert. I still have yet to see them in concert… a regret I’ve always had, totally a bucket list item. Just haven’t had the opportunity, or I was working, or just missed the boat completely when tickets went on sale. But I’ll always have my bootleg tapes, and now this wonderful download. Thanks Gremmie!

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