When someone has said it better than you, it’s best not to try. In short, there is a fervent group of Pearl Jam fans in Israel who are campaigning to get Ed, Mike, Jeff, Stone, and Matt (but probably not Boom) to play a show in their country. They produced a video you gremmies should see. Here it is:

The video created by the community of Bring Pearl Jam to Israel is only on the tube three days and rapidly gaining over 50K views worldwide!

40 students between the ages of eleven and sixteen were inspired by their Rock 101 teacher Omer Lempert, who happens to be a long time Pearl Jam fan, to revive ‘Alive’ by making it their own.

Music education at an early age is critical to children’s overall social and educational growth, it also inspires them to believe they can achieve anything they want and grow up to be whatever they want to be. Among their many dreams and aspirations, these kids want to see Pearl Jam play their hometown.

Filling in for Mike McCready is no easy task, but this thirteen year old will knock your socks off with an erupting solo that contradicts his soft angelic demeanor. The girls sweetly harmonize Eddie Vedder’s tormented lyrics with such youthful exuberance, visibly moved by the music and soaring high with their vocals. Perfectly illustrating Vedder’s story of the song, Alive was written as an anthem of a cursed existence and evolved to become a celebration of life by way of the audiences interaction with it through the years.

The fans of Bring Pearl Jam to Israel, led by Ben Red – a prominent rock radio presenter (88FM), who initiated the action – are campaigning vigorously online and off, while sweeping the country’s music buffs, artists, media interest and supporters along with them, also receiving favorable messages from the official Pearl Jam camp.

Equipped with faith, commitment, passion, and over TWENTY THREE THOUSAND members on their page, all their efforts are channeled solely into a grassroots venture, a first of it’s kind collective endeavor. The next step will be to communicate with the band and its management, all the while building on a financially plausible crowdfunding model for bringing the legendary band for the highly anticipated show.

Israel is no stranger to major rock tours, having hosted U2, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney in front of massive audiences, as well as the Red Hot Chili Peppers last summer. Many other Seattle ‘grunge’ scene outfits have repeatedly sold out Tel Aviv venues in recent years, among them are Pearl Jam’s pals Mudhoney, Chris Cornell and Mark Lanegan.

Want to know more?

Social Media
Facebook: Bring Pearl Jam to Israel
Twitter: @BringPJ2Israel
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/PJ2Israel
Download the song here.


    10 Responses to Bring Pearl Jam to Israel: a fan campaign

    1. Sagi says:

      Great Cover !! Please come to Israel

    2. Byrnzie says:

      Pearl Jam are a band with a conscience. Why should they therefore play in a racist, Apartheid state that’s engaged in ethnically cleansing the Palestinians?

    3. eyal says:

      Thank you for sharing our dream

    4. Alvin Corela says:

      Nice cover but I hope PJ and other artists should boycott

    5. yarden says:

      actualy we are now over 25’000 members on the page.

    6. Moehringer says:

      Don’t let them pay for the sins of their fathers.

    7. Barak says:

      Why should Israel be boycotted?
      The only party that makes ethnic cleansing are the Hamas and palestinians who aim at Jewish civil population.

      Pearl Jam, go and play your wonderful music in the Holy Land for the chosen people.


    8. Tim Jones says:

      We are all humans beings. Nobody is superior or “chosen people” Maybe when that is realized there will be world peace.
      Then Pearl Jam can play in Israel or Palestine

    9. lefthandshake says:

      I love PJ to play Israel, if only to shove it in byrnzie’s face.

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