molo sessions

In 2005, Eddie Vedder suited up with the Walmer High School choir for the benefit of Molo Care, a not for profit organization that raises money for schools in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Love Boat Captain, Betterman, and Long Road; while many others tracks were recorded, it’s these three that will most likely interest Pearl Jam fans. The arrangements are stripped down instrumentally, but are wonderfully augmented by the choir’s 10 additional voices. To donate to the cause, go here.

  • Love Boat Captain
  • Betterman
  • Long Road



    2 Responses to molo sessions

    1. brandon says:

      if you have the rest can you upload them thanks

    2. Alli says:

      I second that. As a Pearl Jam fan I most certainly am interested in the rest of the session! 🙂

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