“Charlie and Chocolate Factory” is a story based on a kid who got the golden ticket and experiences total joy from winning that ticket. “Kevin and the No MSG show” is tale about how I was denied tickets for the first time in 15 years and sits slackjawed at the misfortune of it all.

I’ve been to about 15 Pearl Jam shows in 15 years. Each one has seemingly been better than the last. The shows last longer, the sets are more random, and I’ve sat closer each time. It’s been good. To some extent this massive level of disappointment was inevitable.

After spending 3 hours trying to get tickets to MSG 2, the sign changed from “temporarily out of stock” to “sold out.” It was unreal. “How could this have happened to me? I’m the biggest Pearl Jam fan out there!” I’m sure those were words that many other of the 400,000 Ten Club members have said at some point in their lives. This was my time to say it.

I’ve been waiting anxiously to hear “Amongst the Waves” live (which I had a pretty good shot at), to see if I could get the random luck of the random row 1 or 2 seats (not as good of a shot, but still out there) and to hold a sign that said “Friend of Nusrat.” As an Indian male, I figure that gives me a shot to be noticed, pulled on stage, given a chance to play RITFW with the band, get drinks after the show, tell them some hilarious jokes, buddy up to them so that telling them the xmas single should come somewhere around xmas, leave as email buddies and await their facebook friend request. Followed up by a guest appearance on the next album.

Most of you must be thinking, “I hope he really doesn’t think that’s a possible scenario.” Well to you people I say, “I’m a Buffalo Bills fan and I still think they’ll win a Super Bowl before I die.” So make of it what you will. A handful of you are asking, “he really knew Nusrat?” No, I didn’t.

To be fair, without the dream scenario above, I would have been content with my 200,xxx seats in the middle of the floor; I would have been ok sitting on the isle letting the Evenflow pee-ers out, I would have been ok with being overly preoccupied of someone spilling their drink on my poster and new t-shirt during the concert, I would have been ok with sitting next to the girlfriend of another Ten Club member screaming either “Eddie, you’re hot” or “play Jeremy”. But alas, I don’t even have that to look forward to.

This is the set list I put together that helped with the devastation after being denied MSG2.

  1. Wash – as in “I’m washing my hands clean of this ticketing system!”
  2. Hard to Imagine (tagged with, “All By Myself”) – hard to imagine I’ll be sitting at home in NYC all by myself, while some out of towner is sitting at MSG in my seats!
  3. Wash – I listen to it for its lyrical content this time. Is it possible Ten Club and the band has washed my love?
  4. Evenflow – every set list includes this. You have to do it.
  5. Corduroy – please see #4.
  6. Thin Air – As in, there go my chances of seeing the band in 2010 up into thin air.
  7. Thumbing My Way – What I most likely be doing on the 21st as I try to head down to MSG.
  8. Just Breathe – a tribute to what I had to tell myself after I found out that the show sold out and I didn’t have tickets.
  9. Why Go? – step 2 in dealing with grief. Pretend like you don’t care.
  10. Release – perhaps more tickets will be released and I’ll get a shot?
  11. Yellow Ledbetter – I turn the lights back on, change all lyrics so they deal with me and not going to the show, and then thank everyone profusely for reading this.

So for those of you going, enjoy. And if you see some other Indian kid get pulled up on stage, I’ll have to work on a different set list to focuses on my rage.


      6 Responses to Ten Club Ticketing: an Indian Perspective

      1. Sean Dahlberg says:

        I hear ya! I tried for so long to get tix thru the fan club. Only to find they were “Sold Out”! But being that I worked at Tower Records and have had access to a ticketmaster machine, I know they open new seats during the week of the show. So don’t give up hope, keep trying to get tix even up to the day of the show and who knows, you just might!

      2. Remington Whitcomb says:

        The day I didn’t get tickets to MSG. . . to the tune of “Gonna see my friend”

        My Internet is so god damn slow,
        Pearl Jam tickets on the wire.
        I gotta click the link, I gotta click the link,
        Before the sale expires.

        Not gonna see my friend, not gonna see my friend, tickets went away.
        Won’t see Eddie sing, not gonna see my friend, tickets went away.

        Ten Club sale, it won’t be long before my patience starts to tire,
        I wanna see my friend, not gonna see my friend, “where tickets?” I inquire.

        Ten Club sale, punch to the dick,
        Can’t make my pain go any higher.

        Not gonna see my friend, not gonna see my friend, tickets went away.
        Won’t see Eddie sing, not gonna see my friend, tickets went away.

        Gonna leave it all,
        Gonna give it up,
        Not gonna see it, no need for will call,

        Gonna feel withdrawal,
        Jump in front of a U-haul,
        Not gonna be there, think it’s a big coup,
        Left drinking cold brew,
        My life is in huge dismay. . . .

        Gonna keep my ass in Maine,
        Won’t make the trip to the Long Isle.
        There’s nothing to do in Maine,
        Nothing to do in Maine, guess I’ll read Esquire.

        Not gonna see my friend, not gonna see my friend, tickets went away.
        Won’t see Eddie sing, not gonna see my friend, tickets went away.
        Not gonna see my friend, not gonna see my friend, tickets went away.

        GO BILLS!!!!!!

      3. PW says:

        Hey guys…

        Why don’t u just pay through the nose from one of those “legal”? scalpers like StubHub?? The whole ticket thing screwed me too but I refuse not to see my favorite band, so if it means I gotta pony up 3 or 4 times the face value for a ticket, I’m gonna do it!!!

        Time to start working some overtime to see the show!!!

      4. D says:

        Go out and scalp you woman

      5. PW says:

        I would never scalp PJ tickets.

        I would however buy tickets from a scalper to see my favorite band!!

        Pearl Jam by any means necessary!!!!!!!


      6. buffalo kevin says:

        All pretty awesome comments, however, Remington’s re-write of gonna see my friend takes the cake. Well done. and yes, “GO BILLS”

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