The new is now open. Having launched yesterday in beta form, the site bears strong resemblance to the old only with a fresh coat of paint. But looks can be deceiving; at least that’s what the corner tranny hollered while I walked home from the F-Train on Monday. Here’s the improvements you’ll care about:

  • Live Chat with other Ten Club members on the site (good idea, but goof and I suspect it’s novelty will wear off quickly)
  • Media section which includes professional photographs of the band dating back to 1990 (excellent!)
  • Expanded discography section (nice, but not something you can’t find elsewhere)
  • Slightly more ajar Vault (Vic show from 2007 is now available, cool!)
  • Auto-renewal for your Ten Club membership (great idea!)

Goof and I suspect that the nomenclature of the Vic show, “Pearl Jam Vault Series #2” means we should only expect select performances released by the band in the future. Even if the series goes to #100, it’s still only a small fraction of the total shows since 1990. Expect cherry-picking of highly regarded performances.

The forums haven’t been touched which is too bad since we think it’s the one part of the site that could use an upgrade. Given their inherent popularity, I’m sure the idea was floated but was overruled by “Don’t provoke the trolls!”.

An eagle eyed gremmie pointed out to us that there’s been a change to the ticketing policy. First and foremost, seating is STILL SENIORITY BASED. Of course, this excludes rows 1-2, and 9-10. No change there. What has changed is the following:

  • Initial ticket requests are now pooled. From this pool the Ten Club randomly selects who gets tickets.

So what does this mean? Well gone are the long-in-the-tooth on-sale days where hitting the refresh key for hours on end would score you tickets. Now your ticket request is funneled into a pool with other ticket requests. We’ll call this POOL A. Then the Ten Club will run a “random select algorithm” which chooses from Pool A who will get seats to the given show. Those selected now have tickets to the show. We’ll call this POOL B. Those now in Pool B will then have their tickets allocated according to seniority, again excluding rows 1-2, and 9-10.

The upside is clear: no more hitting F5 for 7 hours to get tickets to MSG. Score! The downside to this is that getting tickets is now MORE out of your hands. Why? Because if you put in those 7 hours hitting F5 there was a good chance you’d get tickets on account of your diligence. In a sense, you outlasted those who gave up after 4 hours. You’re the Marathon Man. In the revised ticketing policy, effort is no longer met with reward. For those of us who have spent the hours impatiently hitting refresh but ultimately scored tickets, we know there is no greater satisfaction.

Goof and I aren’t saying which is better. Frankly, it’s a matter of preference. I didn’t enjoy hitting refresh for 7 hours. I loathed it. But it’s hard to argue there isn’t a certain amount of romance behind controlling the fate of your efforts.



      3 Responses to New Pearl Jam Dot Com Brings with it a New Ticket Policy

      1. David T. says:

        If they’re doing the pool idea why wouldn’t they have you select your preferred shows like back in the old days? That to me is the annoying part. Fanboys/girls who can afford to travel from Cali to NY could get tickets for the one local show I’m able to go to with the same odds of getting FC tix. I’m fine with the pool, but not all of us are going to 20 shows a tour…anymore.

      2. Michelle Raiford says:

        Well said…I’m still processing the change…I can say this. No matter where I am seated, any Pearl jam Show can be AMAZING if I just forget about my seat, my seniority, my loyalty, and experience the music!

      3. Yes and no – i was stuck with non TC tix in 06 and the vibe was def NOT the same. People getting beer during army reserve, but singing along to Even Flow, ie: fair weather fans. TC seats i get to early so i can chat with folks who are obviously as passionate as me and want Hard To Imagine or Cropduster just as much if not more than the hits.

        But yes, any way you can get in the better right?

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