It’s been a strange few days at gremmie dot net. A fella who goes by “PearlJamTwenty” on twitter has suddenly picked up steam, leaking several tracks including previously unreleased Mookie Blaylock demos and soundboard Ed solo songs (Light Years, Immortality, and Bad Acting Hack amongst others). It should be noted that the leaker is not the official “PJ20” twitter moniker used by the band.

Full disclosure: goof and I have had the unreleased Mookie Blaylock demos for a few months but were asked to keep them to ourselves. We obliged, per usual. But they’re out now. Various threads on the Pit have megaupload links to the material while others link to PearlJamTwenty’s twitter account. goof and I cannot verify PearlJamTwenty’s identity, but we’ve been asked not to host any of these files by the TenClub. Moreover, we’re told that the hammer is about to drop. Meaning, Pearl Jam’s lawyers will soon be sharking people. Though goof and I don’t expect this to happen again, we suggest you not fight City Hall.

User “SeaTut73” from Red Mosquito posted the following message today, July 20th, 2011. It sheds further light on the history of these tracks. If we find out more, we’ll update this post accordingly.

okay, now that these demos are out there i can FINALLY talk about them and shed some light…so here’s the story of what i know about them:

i moved to seattle back in 2001 and quickly became friends with a person who knew members of the band since 1990 (or earlier). one night they played a cassette for me marked OUTTAKES there was NO artwork or song listing on it, but it contained the following songs:

  • Master/slave (longer version)
  • Instrumental 1 (which ended up being ‘Hold On’)
  • Wishing Well
  • State of Love and Trust
  • Touch me Im Sick
  • Touch me Im Dick
  • It Aint like That (which i referred to as ‘It Ain’t Like Abe Vigoda’)
  • Blues Jam (which ended up ‘2000 miles blues’)
  • Instrumental 2 (which to me sounded like an early version of ‘Garden”)

i asked this person if there was ANY way i could have a copy and they said “NO”. about a week or so went by and the person then asked me if i could burn the tape onto a CD for them, i said of course as long as i could have a copy…they asked me to make an extra copy for them to give to another friend, who i believe lived out of state. i then burned the tape onto a CD and made some adjustments to it. i boosted the volume a bit and tried to clean up the static noise as much as i could. also, if you notice there is a break around 1:30 of the song ‘Wishing Well’. that’s how it sounded on the tape, for whatever reason it cuts off for a second or so. at the time i didn’t really have the technology to fix it….over the years i have been able to reduce the cut a bit more (the version that has leaked sounds like the original version from the tape). so a few days later i gave the person two CD’s and kept one for myself. to do this day the ONLY person i have ever made a copy of this CD was Tim from 10C a few years back. They were putting together the ‘TEN’ boxset, and he asked me if i had a specific song they were looking for, so i made him a copy of the CD hoping they might use one or two of the songs on it (as i’m sure they had forgotten about most of them). over the years i have played this CD for a few friends, but again NEVER let anyone borrow or burn it. so i have NO idea where these demos/outtakes finally came from….perhaps someone else had a copy of the cassette and burned it onto a CD as well, who knows?!?!? bottom line, i am glad that other fans are finally getting to hear these, as they are something special and i feel an important part of the history of the band… who wants to hear about the “STUFFINS DEMOS”????? ;)



      23 Responses to Unreleased Mookie Blaylock Demos and Ed solo tracks

      1. SeaTut73 says:

        Gremmie, i 100% did NOT leak these demos….please remove this statement from your post:
        User “SeaTut73″ from Red Mosquito appears to be the leaker, though again we cannot verify this. Thanks to B for the heads up. The following was pulled from Red Mosquito and was posted today, July 20th, 2011 by SeaTut73. If we find out more, we’ll update this post accordingly.



      2. Sean says:

        Where are these demos for us to listen too?

      3. todd says:

        i got duped into downloading an incorrect recording. so, now I’m in the same boat as you.

      4. GoghBGD says:

        Sean and Todd,

        Did you get it? ‘Cos they are still there…
        Sceream if you need help.

      5. tonymac says:

        GoghBGD, I need help!
        This happened the one day I was busy with work and did not check the pearljam sites!

        • GoghBGD says:

          OK, no problem. I can’t put links directly here or explain procedure [‘cos that might cause a problem to gremmies], but you can get me massage at Gmail and I’ll try to guide you through.

          But, you should know that all demos are still at that blog that Todd referred above, I’ve checked and second ago. Even downloaded one, just to be shure.

          Never mind, if you can’t find it, I’ll be glad to help.

          • todd says:

            can’t find a working link on that page… found the pj demos, but can’t find the ed stuff… and can’t find your email address, GoghBGD.

      6. todd says:

        weird… now its letting me download each track rather than just listen to it. but still would like to hear the ed stuff… any suggestions? 🙂

      7. Rich says:

        Is this version of wishing well the same as the leaked version from 2007 but w/ 2 cuts or fade outs?? Also I think I remember reading a Dave Krusen interview talking about this session. Think he said they also did owner of a lonely heart but I can’t find the interview.

        • Rich says:

          lol!!! Just read seatuts post about the “stuffins demos”. Seems owner might be on there. Who’s got the stuffins!!!

      8. tonymac says:

        guys, I still can’t download it from that site. do i need a special plugin for my browser?
        also, i would also like to get hooked-up with the ed stuff. please email me at my gmail (ynotmac). thanks in advance.

      9. Tim says:

        Yes, I would also really like the Ed stuff if anyone has it. Please? Email me, Tim_stafford at Thanks!

      10. bec says:

        Mookie stuff is easy to download (hint: source code), Ed’s not so easy.. still yet to find.

      11. Andres says:

        Well, the demos are from de Ten Sessions!!!! Not Mookie.

      12. PW says:

        If someone could send me “Touch Me I’m Dick” that would be greatly appreciated! My email is

        The other good song in this demo is “Wishing Well” but I already have that thru this site.

        Thx 4 any help!!
        PW 🙂

      13. Patrick says:

        so what exactly are these fabled Eddie solo tracks?

      14. awhileago says:

        I know this is probably unrelated but does anyone have an info on the Riot Act and Avocado/Self Titled outtakes that were rumored to be worked on but haven’t been leaked out yet?

        deepest thing
        walking man (james taylor cover ?)
        of the earth (studio of course)
        cold concession
        rusted nails
        driving your paint home
        basic human
        navy bean
        harher’s revenge
        had enough (demoed during riot act and avocado)
        forest is my church
        last day
        hand dealt
        frost bitten
        shine on me

      15. Patrick says:

        so did anyone else hear these soundboard tracks? is there something planned for them, you guys think?

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