welcome back. we have been under construction for the past few weeks in an effort to bring gremmies across the world a better user experience.

now organized as a blog, gremmie.net is heavily customized. you can find all of your favorite mp3s to the right on the tabbed sidebar. inside each page you can listen to individual tracks at your leisure or download them. on occasion we will post opinion editorials on various aspects of Pearl Jam, brought to you by goof, gremmie, and other contributing authors. see “TenClub Ticketing, an Indian Perspective”, below as exhibit A.

gremmie.net now has a search function in the event you’re looking for a specific song. if what you’re looking for isn’t here, please let us know and we will do our best to procure and post. also, if you find the quality of any songs sub-par – let us know. we’ll do our best to find better. please keep in mind we have lives including jobs, wives, girlfriends (not at the same time), and in some cases kids. we care, but we’re also human (except goof, he’s a machine).

some statistics from March 2010. considered an average month:

  • unique IPs (unique people, excluding search bots): 9,756
  • number of hits: 379,631
  • bandwidth used: 159.9GB
  • top 5 countries: us, russia, canada, china, australia
  • bottom 2: colombia, denmark
  • most popular page: touringfans/seattracker.php (touring fans is housed on gremmie.net)
  • browser breakdown: IE 45.8%, Firefox 31.4%, Safari 8.6%
  • top search engine keyphrase: “gremmie” (duh)

lastly we’ve added the matt cameron demos. thanks jpietras2.


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