According to the always excellent twofeetthick, Pearl Jam debuted a couple of songs this evening in Dublin that would make a splendid addition to the library. The first is the Joe Strummer tune, Arms Aloft. The second is a b-side off of Avocado called Of The Earth. You’ll have them as soon as we do. However, if you have them BEFORE we do, please send them along to so we can share.

As for the remainder of the Euro tour, I don’t think it’s presumptuous to say these tracks are the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned.

Update: fellow gremmie “Gustavo Capris (Panda)” has been so kind as to send us a copy of “Of the Earth”. Have a listen. The quality is not sublime as the source is likely audience recorded, but hey it’s a good start until the official bootlegs arrive. To download the song, right-click the mouse button on the link and select “Save As”.


    5 Responses to Europe Finally Wins at Something, Updated!

    1. Tonya Smith says:

      Ohhh I cant wait!

    2. Tanya says:

      Thanks for sharing this! It sounds great, i’m really liking it.
      Question: so if this is a b-side from the Avocado album, what was it released on? was it on a single?

      • gremmie says:

        Tanya, it was recorded during the Avacado sessions but never released as a b-side. If it had been released you can rest assured it would already be on!

    3. SageShit says:

      classic pearl jam sound is back! awesome

    4. SageShit says:

      love backspacer too

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