Good evening gremmies. We have added a live copy of the Rolling Stones cover “Wild Horses” to the Signature Live section. Check it out; we’ve also added it to gremmie radio. You can find it here. Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook. It’s a great way for us to let you know about updates to the site! And if you want to support us, please buy a rad t-shirt at the new gremmiedotstore. Proceeds go to finance the costs of running Thanks!

Enjoy gremmies.


      4 Responses to added Wild Horses

      1. Eugene says:

        Awesome been looking for this since i heard it on PJ radio. Thanks!

      2. kevin ghar says:

        i would like to hear the newly leaked versions of its ok, faithfull, and all those yesterdays that has on its message board.

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