good day gremmies. in honor of Ed’s recently released “Ukulele Songs“, goof and I have added 3 demos from the album. they are “Without You [demo]“, “Longing to Belong [demo]“, and “Broken Heart [demo]“. we’ve also bundled them up into a single ZIP file; you can download it on the new “Ukulele Songs Demos” page here. enjoy!


      6 Responses to added Ukulele Songs [demos]

      1. like the Longing better. sounds nice with the weedwacker

      2. tim says:

        without you is better without lyrics.. thanks again. this is way cool.

      3. Jeff Krane says:

        These are great but where in the world do you get them from?

      4. Kelly Kittler says:

        thank you ~ is a gift yes <3

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