Good evening gremmies. goof and i have added the Temple of the Dog demos to the dot net. The story goes something like this:

The recorded material was slow and melodic; much different musically from the aggressive rock music of Soundgarden. That is why Cornell approached Wood’s former bandmates, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament—who were still figuring out how to continue without Mother Love Bone—with the intention of releasing the songs as a single. Ament described the collaboration as “a really good thing at the time” for him and Gossard that put them into a “band situation where we could play and make music.” The band’s lineup was completed by the addition of Soundgarden (and later Pearl Jam) drummer Matt Cameron and future Pearl Jam lead guitarist Mike McCready. They named themselves Temple of the Dog, a reference to a line in the lyrics of the Mother Love Bone song, “Man of Golden Words”.

The band started rehearsing “Reach Down” and “Say Hello 2 Heaven” and other songs that Cornell had written on tour prior to Wood’s death, as well as re-working some existing material from demos written by Gossard, Ament, and Cameron. One such demo became a song for two bands; recorded as “Footsteps” by Pearl Jam and as “Times of Trouble” by Temple of the Dog.[5] The idea of doing covers of Wood’s solo material also came up, but was abandoned quickly, as they realized it would make people (including Wood’s close friends and relatives) think the band was “exploiting his material.”

The demos include Angel on Fire, Black Cat, and Reach Down. You can grab them here.


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