good evening gremmies. we have an oddity for you. at less than 30 seconds long, this number is over before you know it. it’s called “Keynote” and it’s track 1 from a disc titled “15 Geburtstagslieder” which is German for “15th Birthday Songs”. You’ll find the tracklisting here. As near as goof and I can tell, it’s a tribute to Rolling Stone magazine’s 15 years in Germany. Odd that Ed contributed to a magazine he once used as toilet paper on stage. but hey, who are we to judge? we’ve added it to the “ed” section of enjoy.


      2 Responses to added Keynote

      1. demetrios says:

        I like!:)

      2. peter says:

        it’s not “15th” but just “15” as in fifteen.

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