Evening gremmies. We have been out of touch as of late and for that goof and I apologize. 2012 will see more frequent updates to the site. To close out 2011 however, we have uploaded a demo called “Chinese” which was introduced this evening on Sirius/XM radio by Cameron Crowe and the Rob on a show titled The Cameron Crowe Takeover. In addition, a composition put together by Mike McCready for the PJ20 soundtrack was unveiled. We didn’t catch the name, but it’s worth a listen.

Chinese [Demo] has been added to the Ten Demos section of the dotnet since its origins are dated to 1991. The McCready composition has been added to the Demos section as well under PJ20 Demos. Have a quick listen to Chinese here and McCready composition here. Enjoy and Happy New Year.


      6 Responses to added Chinese [Demo] and PJ 20 Demos

      1. Kelly Kittler says:

        ~ oh ~ thank you <3

      2. GoghBGD says:

        Thanks for the uploads and I wish you all the best in the next year.
        Take care, stay ALIVE!

        By the way, link for PJ20 Demos up there is not valid, so 404 opens.

      3. Rick says:

        Use this link for the PJ20 demos (there’s a space in the code that’s causing the 404):


      4. Geoff says:

        Brilliant site lads, I’m a child of a by-gone era when you had to Write!!! to people in other countries to try and trade concerts…! Believe you me, when I found your site I thought it was a joke….then I ventured down the stairs….Happy days. Anyway, have a great new year, keep up the brilliant work and see some of you people in either Manchester or Berlin….rock on Geoff, Ireland

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