We’re a little bit behind, goof and I. To make a long story short, we’ve uploaded the 2010 Christmas Single to the Christmas Single section under the Patchwork tab. You can find it here. The two songs are live versions of Falling Down and the Alternate version of Jeremy. Also, if you’re looking for the Bridge School shows Ed performed recently, you can find them here in gremmie’s basement. Enjoy.


      4 Responses to added 2010 Christmas Single

      1. Nadia Vega says:

        Better late than sorry 🙂

      2. Wow, the BSB’11 available just after the show?? And the quality is so good! Congrats, guys, and thank you!!!
        Waiting for the night2 files!
        best regards from Brazil!

      3. By the way, I’ve tried to rip the rollingstone.com video of BSB’10 Better Man version, because of the video and audio quality, but haven’t succeeded so far…
        Would you guys obtain that file for us, please?
        Thank you in advance!
        Great job here! See you

      4. Lyn says:

        We’re used to the “Christmas”single being late. Thanks!

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