Thanks to gremmie jpietras2 for sending us the following songs:

Undone [I Am Mine Single] version.
Footsteps [Jeremy Single] version
Black Red Yellow [Hail, Hail Single] version
Alone [Go Single] version

Each iteration is different than its Lost Dogs counterpart in some way. See the “b-sides” section (where they’ve been added) for more detail. We were also sent a copy of the Oceans Remix but have decided not to host it due to TenClub posting policy. Enjoy.

[Updated, 6/13] We also re-upped a better quality copy of Grievance from the David Letterman show in 2000. Thanks Anthony and Christie.


      2 Responses to Single Updates, Updated 6/13

      1. Murph says:

        FYI I’ve tried playing Alone a few times and the version that plays has skips (pops/crackles) in both the left and right channel. You may want to find another source.

      2. goof says:

        Thanks for noticing. We’ll check it out.

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