hello gremmies. we’ve added the following songs to signature live:

you’d be crazy to not stop what you’re doing and go listen to my hometown. we took down the real me because the quality was – as our English fans might say – “shite”. as such, we’re looking for a new copy. none of the 2009 tour will suffice. we’ve checked them all. bearing this in mind we’re currently looking for pristine copies of the following for the site:

  • millworker
  • the real me
  • constellations
  • redemption song
  • lucky country
  • walking the cow
  • atlantic city

if you have quality copies of these songs, please send them to m@gremmie.net. thanks gremmies. stay tuned for more.

also the ed section is back up. go here. we added a superb version of walking the cow from the 2009 show at austin city limits. thanks to Matt Romot and Chris Johnson for sending in copies.


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