evening gremmies. quick update. we have found and uploaded a better quality copy of Sugar Mountain and placed it here, in the “ed” section of gremmie.net. it was recorded during an ed pre-set at the 8/21/2009 show in Toronto, Canada. enjoy; it’s a great cover.


      4 Responses to Better quality version of Sugar Mountain

      1. Dennis says:

        Thanks for this. The direct link does not work though (for me, at least ;)). And as a suggestion, maybe you could link the Sugar Mountain reference directly to the wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_Mountain_%28song%29


      2. Al says:

        where did this source come from?

        a youtube rip?

        • gremmie says:

          Yep. We had a copy sent to us a while back, but we were never satisfied with the sound. So, we scoured the interwebs for something better. Hope you like it.

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