It’s been quiet at the dot net these past few months gremmies. Pearl Jam hasn’t seen much activity save for a show here, or a side project there. KJ and I have been working on a project for the site for a while, but we aren’t ready to launch. Who is KJ you ask? Go here. He’s our resident artist at the dot net; signed on in January.

We’ve added updated versions of the Antiquiet demos. gremmie Mike Liedtke sent us this a week ago:


My name is Mike Liedtke. I used to run a college radio station and am obsessed with sound. I found myself annoyed by the tape skips in the Antiquiet demos that were clearly not in the actual tracks and felt they took away from the listening experience. Using my audio editing skills and software (along with a bit of time), I have taken out the skips, but none of the actual songs. I also imbedded the art and correctly tagged the songwriter on the two covers. Anyhow, I’m sending those along to you guys over a few emails so that other folks might get to enjoy the songs all the more. All the best.


You can find them here. Enjoy gremmies. We’ll be back soon.


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