Remember in 1992 when Pearl Jam played an acoustic set for MTV? No? Well sorry, but you’re a moron because it happened and it changed lives. That’s not a hyperbolic statement; the set literally changed lives. Prior to goof was actually a lady. After, he’s more of a male. I say “more of a male” because it’s still hard to tell. Those of you who met him at PJ20 can attest to this.

gremmie Brian Moore emailed us recently and offered us a quality copy of the show’s soundcheck. Naturally, we said “yes now please thank you”. It wasn’t proper English, but since Brian is accustomed to our frenetic charge he got the point. Long story short, we’ve added the soundcheck to the MTV Unplugged set. You can find it here.

The soundcheck includes the following: Alive, Black, Jeremy, Oceans, Porch, and SOLAT. There are three instrument and a full band soundcheck too. Notes on the full show from Five Horizons(!) are below for your edification. Enjoy.

notes from five horizons: In a riveting performance, PJ shows the world that their talent is tremendous and the songs solid, despite the lack of electric guitars (and using rented equipment). ‘Oceans’ and ‘RitFW’ were recorded, but never aired. Mike plays quite a lot of ‘Angie’ after ‘State of Love and Trust’ (during a break) and later, riffs from Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ prior to ‘RitFW.’ (The PJ Unplugged originally aired on 5/13/92.)

set [aired version, 30 min]: Even Flow, Jeremy, Alive, Black, State of Love and Trust, Porch
set [complete, 51 minute set]: Oceans, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Black, Jeremy, Porch, Even Flow, Rockin’ in the Free World


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