Evening gremmies. Sometimes we miss one. gremmie “VP” alerted us of a cover of REM’s “It Happened Today” which was performed in Calgary on 9/21/11. We also added “I Remember You” from Leave Home as performed on 9/15/2011 in Hamilton, Ontario. We posted them to the Signature Live section under Pearl Jam. They’re also on gremmie radio. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Twitter – it’s the best way for us to get updates out to you on a timely basis!


      One Response to added “It Happened Today” and “I Remember You”

      1. VP says:

        Thanks gents! Love your w.site! Keep collecting the rarities! VP.

        PS – any chance of getting a set list/boot of the Calgary 1993 show (Aug.11/93)? – A good chunk of Vs. on this one apparently…would love more info., beyond hearsay…

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