Morning gremmies. We’ve added the EV Radio Show from last night on Sirius XM satellite radio. The quality is not what we’d like it to be, but we’re working on getting a better copy (aren’t we always?). In the meanwhile, you can have a listen to it here. Enjoy.

UPDATED – we’re never satisfied. You know that. Goof and I are always looking for better copies of the music on the dot net. We’ve got a better version of Es’s radio show from 12/5/2012. You can grab it here.


      12 Responses to added EV Radio Show: 12/5/12 [UPDATED]

      1. Ryan Durichko says:

        Love Eddie Vedder!!! Been to 16 PJ shows all over the nation and 1 EV show last year!!!

      2. Dan says:

        Anyone know what the second song was that Ed played? He doesn’t give the band or title.

      3. Mike says:

        The second song is by Sleater-Kinney. I can’t recall the title.

      4. demetrios says:

        Here’s the setlist. 🙂

        Fugazi – Caustic Acrostic
        Sleater Keaney – Entertain
        QOTSA – Medication
        Soundgarden – Ty Cobb
        Joe Strummer (101ers) – Letsagetabitarockin
        Billy Childish – Joe Strummers Grave
        EV/Roger Daltrey – Naked Eye (LIve in London 7/31/2012)
        The Who – Any Time You Want Me (acapella)
        The Who (Pete) – You stand by me (Acoustic)
        The Evens – Mt Pleasant
        Jeff Ament – Just Like That
        Clark Kent – Away From Home
        EV/Kim Gordon – Croon Spoon
        Cat Power – Free

      5. Mike says:

        any plans to isolate Naked Eye and Croon Spoon

      6. demetrios says:

        d’oh! the 2nd qotsa was little sister

      7. Jerome230 says:

        Croon Spoon can be found originally on the Cradle Will Rock motion picture soundtrack.

      8. Zach says:

        @Jerome230 no it cannot. That is a different version with Susan Sarandon singing instead of Kim Gordon, and I personally think it’s way inferior to the Kim Gordon version. I second the request for a mp3 file of the Kim Gordon version of Croon Spoon. Then again I may just make one myself.

      9. Mike says:

        The version of “Croon Spoon” on the Cradle will Rock soundtrack has Ed doing the duet with Susan Sarandon, who is a star in the film. The version here with Kim is totally unreleased before this! From what Ed was saying, the one with Kim sounds like a demo / alternate version recorded for Cradle Will Rock.

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