Good evening gremmies. By now you’ve heard that our friends at Antiquiet have unearthed and released new Eddie Vedder demos. No? Well here’s their news post about it. The tracklist may look familiar because most of the songs have been on the dot net for several years. Homeless, What?, Believe You Me, etc. Ed in Bad Radio. Boring right? You’ve heard it before haven’t you? Well hold on there tiger. Antiquiet’s pack of demos includes two songs I’ve never heard before. That is, Wonderful World (Sam Cooke) and Something Inside So Strong (made famous by Kenny Rogers).

For posterity, we have uploaded them to the Bad Radio Demos page here. Yes, we know some of these songs are pre-Bad Radio, but give us a break huh? You should head over to Antiquiet to give them the traffic. After all, it’s their find, not ours. But we’ll have it on the dot net ad infinitum in case you lose it.


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      1. […] and I more unsolicited goodies. This is the same gremmie who cleaned up Anti-Quiet’s “new” demos; you can find those here. He’s meticulous and does good work; we also hear […]

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