Good morning gremmies; a quick one. We’ve added this year’s ho-hum Christmas Single to the Christmas Singles page on the dot net. Why ho-hum? Two live tracks from PJ20? Don’t we have enough live tracks to listen to? Are we spoiled? Seems that way. Whatever your opinion you can find them here.


    2 Responses to added 2012 Christmas Single

    1. Chris Jones says:

      Wow thanks Gremmie. net fellow! This sure made my rainy day in Baltimore MD at 3 :41 on a Monday in this year of 2013! In 2013 and I’m still looking forward to these little holiday singles. I only personally own one the 2003 single, still love PJ, even if the fan club was too much for me to pay anymore. “Life has nothing to with – killing time!”

    2. Joel Kennedy says:

      Really? “All Night” is amazing…and “In The Moonlight” is first time played….and has the amazing Mr. Joshua Homme on it….I think its a must have……I was stoked…

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