Last week, goof & I held a vote on our Facebook page. It asked which band gremmies would like to see given the dotnet treatment: Soundgarden & Chris Cornell or Dave Matthews & The Dave Matthews Band. The result looked something like this:







Message received. To the surprise of absolutely no one, Soundgarden handily won. So, gorgeous george and I have begun work on a collection of Soundgarden material to host on the dotnet. Who is gorgeous george? He’s the silent member of; check his profile here.

Here’s how it goes: as of this post, has 2,054 Facebook fans. We’ll unlock the vault on Soundgarden once we hit 3,000. That’s about 950 more fans. See? We can count. Considering we get more than 70,000 unique people to the site each year, 950 is a drop in the bucket.

Why do we care so much about our Facebook page? For starters, goof and I are shallow and we derive our sense of self-worth from the size of that number. Second, it’s a great way for us to get updates to gremmies. Lastly, it has material the website doesn’t, like voting and previews of our comics. Comics? Stay tuned on that one. Tell your friends and their moms, we love moms.


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      2. Patrick says:

        im surprised it was even in question…

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