welcome back gremmies. for the past few weeks goof & I have been diligently working to bring you a better gremmie.net. nothing makes us happier than making you happier. here’s a shortlist of improvements we’ve made to the site:

human-readable URLs

this one was a no-brainer for us.  on the old site, if you wanted to know how to get to some specific page on the site, you had to know some obscure id for the page.  now, if you want to listen to or download live covers with titles a – f, you go to http://www.gremmie.net/signature-live/covers/a-through-f/.  much easier, right?  this also makes it easier for you to find content by searching google.

improved interface

we’ve created a button panel on the top right of the site. this panel houses links to our social outlets (facebook, twitter, etc.) and to gremmie radio and gremmie’s basement.

we’ve also created a new logo for the site with the help of staff artist Igor Gruda. though we’ve run through a logo or two in the past 12 months, we’re satisfied with what we’ve got now and don’t expect it to change again.

feature slider
the slider allows us to show gremmies, in a cool way, what is currently being featured on the dot net. these are posts we think you shouldn’t miss.

navigation menu
goof and I have revised the navigation menu. the about us section helps explain who we are and the where we came from. there is also a FAQ for newbies. the music section should be familiar to gremmies as it holds our expansive library of prime Pearl Jam material. the humor section links to original, funny-haha articles related to the band. the op-ed section has original, Pearl Jam-centric articles on everything from ticketing policies to FLAC files.

we’ve added a voting widget on the right sidebar as a way to interact with gremmies on current affairs. please take a second to check it out when you visit the site.

we’ve made dozens more minor improvements, but the longer arc of the story is that we’re remodeling our approach; focusing on articles and music, as opposed to just music. you can still count on us to have the best and hardest to find material on the www, but we’d also like to make you laugh while you’re here with articles like this or this.

please let us know what you think by voting on the current topic in the sidebar: “What do you think of the new gremmie.net?”. thanks gremmies.


      5 Responses to Welcome Back

      1. David says:

        Welcome back, missed you : )

      2. Jamie says:

        Nice job guys. Keep up the good work.

      3. Buby says:

        Great new look… Nice to have you back!

      4. Chris Sage says:

        nice work!! welcome back!!

      5. nick says:

        Yessssss. thanks for being back up and running

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