gremmies, by now most of you have had the opportunity to check out gremmie radio. if not, have a look. it’s on the right. simply click on the radio icon and poof! it pops up.

we’re in the process of making the player more robust. for example, we’ve added a playlist of ALL the b-sides including sections “b-sides”, “lost dogs”, and “ten (redux)”. what this does is allow gremmies to listen to all the b-sides in one spot as opposed to over the course of three different pages.

playlists always appear at the top of the gremmie radio player and are demarcated with a “+” right before the name. take a look, you’ll see. click on the playlist and it opens up. push the play button and you’re off and running. if you want to go back to the main page of gremmie radio, click the eject button. it’s all fairly intuitive. 5 minutes of messing around and you’ll be an expert. we’ll be adding more playlists going forward; please bear with us.


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