About two weeks ago we added a nifty sidebar widget to the ol’ gremmie.net that showed a collection of Facebook users who have “friended” gremmie.net.  While we’re quite confident that taking this action catapulted gremmie.net into this century, one thing you should know about us is that merely keeping up is never enough.  Therefore, last night, while many of you were snuggled together in a little place called Madison Square Garden, we added deeper Facebook integration to the site.  gremmie.net is now a Facebook APP, and as such, you can login to gremmie.net using your Facebook account.  You can ‘Like’ gremmie.net posts (particularly useful in the SONGS section to share our rarities collection with your friends).  You can comment on posts and songs using your Facebook account.  You get the idea.

We think taking this approach will let gremmie.net reach a broader audience while keeping the community close-knit and personal.  Sounds odd I know, but Facebook doesn’t have millions of users for nothing.

Let us know what you think of the new features!  Now get ‘liking’.


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