Hey gremmies,

We don’t normally do things like this on the dot net, but we’re going get serious for a moment and ask for your charity on behalf of a good cause.

Last October, my wife (and gremmie’s best good friend) Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer.  For several months she’s courageously undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  The good news is that the treatments appear to have helped and she’s now on the mend.  She’s set her sights on raising breast cancer awareness by forming a team called “The Rack Pack” (clever, I know) and walking in “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk” in Albany, NY this October.

We’re asking you gremmies to help make Sarah’s day. If each of our fans donates just $1, we will completely blow Sarah’s fundraising goal out of the water, and that would just be amazing.

Here’s the link to Sarah’s donation page; the Donate Now button is on the right hand side:


Thank you dearly from both gremmie & I for your support. We love you gremmies, we really do.



      3 Responses to Fuck You Cancer. Love, Goof’s Wife

      1. Jim says:

        I hate cancer…. Here’s to seeing Sarah kick the crap outta of it.

      2. Selin says:

        Fuck you cancer, indeed! Great that you guys did this. Will check Sara’s donation page! I hope I’m not too late to donate.

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