good morning gremmies. today we’re unveiling our new site logo. staff artist and native Ecuadorian, Carlos Nunez has helped goof and gremmie design the pictorial moniker which it adorns the header of this page. please let us know what you think. you can find Carlos’ website here. please take a minute and gander at his site – his work is worth a look, particularly this one. the picture attached to this post – the one to your left – is a sketch of his.

within the next few days we’re going to setup a poll on the site asking a simple question. this is: would you buy a t-shirt produced by

let me explain. goof and gremmie have been researching how to produce quality, well-priced t-shirts. what we’ve come up with so far is viable. naturally, a portion of the proceeds will go to a charitable organization like the Wishlist Foundation while the rest would go to cover site upkeep (which has grown in the past 12 months).

we think people’s interest in buying t-shirts comes down to a few basic points.

  • the big one: the t-shirt design has to be cool. REALLY cool. otherwise, neither goof nor gremmie would buy one either.
  • almost as important: is it affordable? we think $20 is reasonable so long as the shirt is well made and the material of great quality [such as American Apparel cotton.
  • up there: is the money made going somewhere worthwhile? see above. proceeds will go to cover site costs and to the Wishlist Foundation.

so, stay tuned. lastly – gremmie radio is coming back.


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