hey folks, real quick. we’ve updated the layout of the site to make it more user friendly. the navigation bar for mp3s remains on the top of the page. we’ve added a sidebar on the left which has two parts. the first part is a listing of all mp3 updates. we figure this will make it easier for everyone to quickly figure out what new music has been added to gremmie.net recently. the second part right beneath the mp3 updates is the op-ed section. this section includes a listing of recent original articles written by the staff at gremmie.net such as the High 5, 15 versus 30, and so on. the right sidebar has a clearer link to gremmie’e basement and the organization of the remaining section has been switched around a bit. all in, we think it’s more intuitive.

on a side note, we’ve been working on putting together mp3’s from the bridge school sets. stay tuned.


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