Hi gremmies! Today we announce availability of a neat new feature here on the ol’ dotnet.

For some time now we’ve been including archives of the AET show on gremmie radio. Typically, new episodes will join gremmie radio within hours of AET radio broadcast. At the behest of many gremmies, and the tremendous help of one awesome gremmie: @jaswah, we have now made available an iTunes-compatible podcast feed of Pearl Jam Radio’s All Encompassing Trip archives. We’re calling it “Sirius/XM Pearl Jam Radio’s All Encompassing Trip Fan Roundtable presented by gremmiedotnet for iTunes”, or “SXPJRAETFRGDNFIT” for short.

Got iTunes? Here’s what you do:

1) In iTunes, go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast

2) Enter


into the window and hit “OK”:

3) Let iTunes tell you each and every week when a new episode of the show is available!

Extra special thanks to Tim Bierman and The Rob for hosting such a fantastic show in the first place.

Extra note: We’ve submitted this feed to Apple with the hopes that we’ll be listed in the iTunes Store podcast directory. We’ll let you know if/when that happens.


      14 Responses to Introducing the All Encompassing Trip iTunes Podcast

      1. BCloutier says:

        Super cool! Thank you so much for this! : )

      2. Jaswah says:

        Thanks again for setting this up. Seriously rad!

      3. rafa says:

        Yeah baby !
        Pretty nice !

      4. jaymz says:

        Most excellent. I’ve been hoping this would happen.

      5. Jason says:

        I love this show and am listening to the episodes for the first time thanks to this. One thing: the 3/9/11 show seems to be broke. I get an error whenever I try to download it through iTunes.

        Keep up the great work!

      6. Sonny J. Rock says:

        Awesome! Thank you for the clear instructions

      7. Britton says:

        Will the 8/24 episode be available soon in iTunes?

      8. Sean says:

        Thank you so much for doing this. All shows have loaded for me except Sep 21 and Sep 28. Were there shows those days? If so are you working on uploading them? Again, thank you for all your efforts!

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