good day gremmies. goof and i have been kicking the tires of some new ideas we’ve conjured up for the site. these ideas require artistic talents that exceed our meager abilities. as such, we’re reaching out to you in hopes of finding between one and three people whom we can rely on to create art for we have two projects in mind at the moment.

the first is to create an icon for that is emblematic of the site. so far all we’ve come up with is a woody surf wagon (see the above banner). this made sense at inception because there’s a direct relationship to the song “gremmie outta control“. but as we’ve grown, the icon’s relevance has seen diminishing returns. we need you to help us find something better. it doesn’t necessarily need to be intricate – just identifiable.

the second project is the gremmie shirt shop. taking a cue from Donny over at, we’ve decided to produce pearl jam centric t-shirts for – as JR calls us – impassioned fans. proceeds will benefit a charitable organization. the plan is to begin with one design and branch out from there. goof and gremmie have lined up a reputable clothier to produce the garments once we’re happy with the design.

the audience for these projects includes between 7,000-10,000 individual people per month who visit according to Google Analytics. so, there’s plenty of  exposure for your work; and just imagine seeing someone wearing a shirt you designed at MSG next year! the work is pro-bono, which means it doesn’t pay, but we don’t intend to make money from it anyway – just give back a little.

if you’re interested, please let us know.


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