good evening gremmies. it’s late in New York so I’ll be brief. we’ve resurrected gremmie radio. you can launch it from the sidebar on the right, just below the link to gremmie’s basement. at the moment we have 4 different rabbit holes to chase music down: bad radio [all the bad radio material from], shows [all the shows], b-sides [all the b-sides and other choice studio cuts], and signature live [all signature live songs including covers and originals]. we’ll likely add more in the coming weeks, but goof and i think this is a good start.

the benefits of gremmie radio above pearl jam radio and the newly minted XM Radio channel are few, but noteworthy. most importantly, you control the music. you can skip tracks, choose to listen to one song over and over again, pause, stop, or randomize the playlist. you can also listen to gremmie radio while you explore the rest of the interwebs; because gremmie radio pops up into a small, individual window, you can carry it with you wherever you surf. the list goes on. try it out and let us know what we can do to make it better. bye for now.


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