That didn’t take long. Yesterday we received an email from our excellent host provider that our site was being taken offline. The reason? Soundgarden’s legal representation had sent them a copyright infringement complaint with a full list of material they wanted taken down. In an effort to get the site back up we quickly took down the material. Here’s what I wrote on our Facebook page yesterday:

While it is clearly within their legal right (and valid) to file a copyright infringement claim against us, it’s lame they did so to a site only hosting b-sides and fan recorded bootlegs. Why? Because our intent, of course, is to provide you gremmies access with hard to find material that bands have left growing old and dusty in their attics. We’ve no interest in making money, nor taking it out of their pockets. We believe the material we hosted does not have a material affect on Soundgarden’s livelihood. We understand their rights to protect their art, but we admonish their (and any bands) Orwellian approach. It makes us appreciate our relationship with @Pearl Jam, @StarAnna, @BenHarper, and @GlenHansard even more.

If you became a fan of under the pretense we’d host Soundgarden material, then goof and I feel bad. We truly do. We’ll miss you if you decide to leave us, well everyone except Junior Moore, but if you decide to stick around we’re sure you’ll find something worth your while on the site.

This posting, along with another on our Facebook page quickly devolved into a music piracy debate . It’s an argument as old as the internet. No matter where you plant your flag, both sides make sensible points. Here’s a good version of the debate. Boil it down to this: collides head on with the tenets of music piracy. We are able to operate insofar as an artist is willing to allow their b-sides, demos, and fan-recorded bootlegs to be available to their fans. Right or wrong, that’s our market. If that makes us pirates, then we’re pirates. If it makes us saints, then we’re saints. We’re not here to tell you what to think; we’re here to give you gremmies as much hard to find, out of print music we can wrangle.

But we’re back now. You can view the complaint here.


      8 Responses to, now with 100% less Soundgarden

      1. Sad news, indeed. If it’ll make you feel better, we’ll pimp out the start of your new comedic podcast via our site this week.

      2. David says:

        Just curious, but I have never heard of the website ?

      3. ShoNuff says:

        Oh man, I didn’t think Soundgarden would be the type. Oh well, that is another reason Pearl Jam has been and always will be my favorite.

      4. PW says:

        I don’t know why so many bands get so upset over sites like this. I remember I used to go to an old site call bsidesrus. It was awesome. If you were looking for hard to find rarities or if you didn’t want to spend 40 bucks on a band’s import cd for one extra song, you could go to that site and get the song you were looking for. I think ultimately, the dudes who ran that site got sick of fighting the fight and gave up the site. I think some bands lose sight of their fans’ wants. If I love a band, I want everything they’ve done. They have a lot of balls wanting to hit me up for 40 bucks on that import, especially when i’ve already bought the cd without the bonus track!! Gotta love PJ for staying cool and allowing to share the rarities with us all. 🙂

      5. Ignacio says:

        Is there any chance that you upload all soundgarden songs to a torrent traker, TPB for example? In that case they wouldn´t be on your servers. 🙂

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