good day gremmies. today goof and i are launching gremmie dot store.

goof and i have been the proprietors of since 1998. then it was a website for our college band, now it’s our love letter to Pearl Jam fans. as the site has grown in the past few years, so have the costs of keeping the site running. we came up with two feasible options to stave off our increasing costs. these are:

1. take donations
taking donations doesn’t seem like a terrible idea at first because it would allow you gremmies to contribute as you see fit. like the site? here’s $20. don’t like it? well screw you, i’m gonna download stuff anyway. what ends up happening is that before long, what we need and what we get don’t match. it’s inevitable. have you ever seen the fundraiser telethons on PBS? they’re sad affairs which support great programming. while people can contribute money to PBS at any time, they ordinarily don’t until there’s an incentive to. in this case, the channel will fold unless it receives a certain amount of  donations. it’s at that moment that people pay attention. over the course of time, the process becomes a beg-a-thon.

2. sell merch
merch (short for merchandise) is a way for us to bridge the cost gap while providing gremmies with something of value. be it a sticker or a t-shirt, goof and i think merch is a good way to give and get. for example, if we sold a sticker for $3 that cost us $1 to make, we have a $2 profit. multiply that by 100 stickers and just took in $200. that $200 profit goes a long way in covering costs. we can’t think of a better way to do it.

we chose number two. we’ve partnered up with the excellent, who handles the shipping, customer service, and production of our merch. in the interest of complete transparency, goof and I want you gremmies to know exactly how much we make per item. here’s the breakdown:

Key Chain: 33 cents
Cowabunga Beach Bag: $3.83
Button:   25 cents
Bar Coaster: $1
Sticker Pack: 50 cents
Lil’ Gremmie Onesie: $2.40
Chef Gremmie Apron: $2.04
American Apparel Organic Tee – Women’s: $2.10
American Apparel Gremmie Logo Tee – Men’s: $2.25
Gremmie Logo Baseball Tee: $2.10
Sweet Tee – Women’s: $2.05

On each item, Zazzle makes a 90% commisssion, while we retain the remaining 10%. Might seem unfair to us, but they handle everything except coming up with the designs. Obviously we’re not making a fortune on each piece of merch, but we think it adds up after a while. Our goal is to raise $1,500 per year to cover our costs of running the site. goof and I feel it’s way cooler to give people something  in exchange for supporting instead of just asking for handouts. we hope you agree with us and vote with your wallets.


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