happy PJ20 gremmies,

goof and I are off to Wisconsin shortly and since we can’t afford to bring all of you with us, we’ve figured out the next best thing. Starting Friday, PJ20 is taking over gremmie dot net. Through Sunday, the homepage will transform into what we’ve dubbed the “the gremmie wall” – a massive, interactive collage of photos and videos uploaded by all the gremmies at PJ20.

Here’s How It Works

1. Take a photo at PJ20 with your smartphone or camera.
2. Email the photo as an attachment to pj20@gremmie.net
– or –
2. Upload the photo to Flickr with the tag “gpj20”
3. Your photo will automagically join the gremmie wall, which will grow, and grow, and GROW!

1. Take a video at PJ20 with your smartphone or camera.
2. Upload the photo to Youtube with the tag “gpj20”
3. Your video will automagically join the gremmie wall, which will grow, and grow, and GROW!

To gremmies going to PJ20: please help us build the wall by uploading your photos and videos.
To those staying home: check out gremmie.net throughout the weekend to see PJ20 through the eyes of Pearl Jam fans. We hope our idea brings you that much closer to the campfire.

A couple of suggestions –

  1. Please keep the content centered around PJ20 (bands, venue, fans, etc.). No one wants to see the cloak and dagger sex photo you took of the townie you met at the Wishlist fundraiser.
  2. Post often! Remember guys, a lot of fans can’t make it to PJ20. It’s our responsibility to bring PJ20 to the Pearl Jam community around the world.

But wait there’s more! Goof and I will be uploading videos to the gremmiedotnet youtube channel. Links to these videos will be hosted on the gremmie wall along with our Twitter feed. And if you see us at PJ20, say hi and we’ll give you an awesome gremmie dot net sticker!

The countdown begins.


      5 Responses to gremmie dot PJ20

      1. jim says:

        NICE! Looking forward to seeing you guys out there. See you in the poster line 🙂

      2. Nick Shanks says:

        Although it won’t make up for not being able to go it is a nice idea. I hope everyone has a good time. Get some good pics and videos for us who have to work the weekend.

      3. Luis says:

        Good luck too all attending. I’ll be watching through the site.
        Can wait to see the Gremmie Wall!

      4. Jim Scanlon says:

        gremmie dot net is niiiice.


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