Hello gremmies. Back in September 2011 goof and I flew to Wisconsin for the only reason anyone should ever go to Wisconsin, that is: to attend PJ20. We were lucky to be able to make the trip, not everyone was as fortunate. Bearing this in mind we built a dynamic media wall that let PJ20-ers upload photos and video to Flickr and Youtube which were then automatically posted to a fluid page on the dot net.

We’re doing it again for Wrigley. gremmies, check it out: www.gremmie.net/wrigley

During the course of the day and night on Friday, post your photos to Flickr, Instagram, or videos to youtube and tag them with “pjwrigley”. When you do, the wall will automatically pick them up and post them for the rest of the world to see. What better way to enjoy an evening with Pearl Jam than to share it with thousands of fans worldwide?


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