good morning gremmies. Welcome back. We’ve been under construction for more than 3 weeks and we’re elated to finally lift the curtain. We’ve made some changes. Here’s a rundown:

New Layout – the first thing you noticed. We have radically changed the color scheme and layout of the dot net. Instead of saturated blues and oranges that will make you go cross-eyed if stared at for long enough, we’ve switched to soft greys and whites as the primary colors. We are now using an “easier on the eyes” shade of blue and the same trusty orange, just less of it.  We hope you find these changes make the site easier to look at.

More Bands – we posed a question a few months back to gremmies. That is: “Would you like to see more bands given the dot net treatment?” Responses were mixed. Goof and I realized we were asking a captive audience which wasn’t necessarily representative of gremmies everywhere. As of the re-launch we’ve added Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs, Soul Coughing, and the Swell Season (Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova). We expect more will follow.

  • Star Anna & the Laughing Dogs: super blues rock headed by a Seattle siren. We’ve added various Signature Live songs (best versions of covers), b-sides, and shows to the site and gremmie radio.
  • Soul Coughing: 90’s wonderchildren and jazzy rock bucket headed by Mike Doughty. They broke up in 2000. We’ve added the entire back-catalogue of b-sides and several shows to the site and gremmie radio.
  • the Swell Season: Irish/Czech monster duo and stars of the awesome indie film Once.Glen Hansard has opened for Ed on numerous solo dates. We’ve added various Signature Live songs, b-sides, and shows to the site and gremmie radio.

Remixed The Butts Demo “Plenty of Time” – this happened while we were away. A copy of a demo by the Butts (a band Ed was in that pre-dates Bad Radio) was disseminated on the interwebs via YouTube. The YouTube audio has elongated gaps and is hissy and low. Goof and I remixed it for you gremmies and created a new demos page called “The Butts Demos“.

Revamped gremmie radio – pop it open. Have a look. It’s on the left sidebar. The new bands have been added and the app has been given a new, easy to navigate layout.

gremmie’s basement layout – we’ve given the basement a fresh coat of paint in order to match the new dot net. For the forseeable future it will remain solely focused on Pearl Jam.


      4 Responses to Welcome Back gremmie

      1. Tremor-Chris says:

        Glad you have you back. The site looks great!

      2. Helge says:

        Sweet! The design looks great (I love the icons for the other websites) and more Star Anna is always a good thing…

      3. tim says:

        LIAM FINN PLEASE!! great work, thanks for your effort.

      4. reeve says:

        yay, you guys are back! or actually you’re never away, just quietly do something bigger! thank you.

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