ukulele songs demos

don’t ask where we got them, just have a listen.

A few years ago, Vedder was on a surfing trip in Hawaii with a friend. His friend went to buy fish, and Vedder, two cases of beer. He was sitting on them outside some stores when he noticed a Kamaka tenor ukulele, displayed in a drugstore window.

“I went in and picked it up and it sounded great,” Vedder said. “And I must have had the cash on hand because I walked out with it.”

He sat back down on the beer, took the ukulele out of the box and started fooling around.

“Immediately, a melody came out,” he said. “It must have sounded like something.”

Must have; passers-by tossed money into the open case. First a dollar, then 50 cents.

  • Broken Hearted [Demo]
  • Longing to Belong [Demo]
  • Without You [Demo]
  • Dream a Little Dream [Demo]

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    2. Chad says:

      Awesome, as always…

    3. Patrick says:

      Cash on hand for a Kamaka ukulele? Wow, those are like a grand each!

    4. erik says:

      this totally made my night. are these the only three ukulele demos? are there more?

    5. demetrios says:


    6. Peter says:

      you guys are my heroes! the hardest working fans out there πŸ˜› thank you sincerely! Can’t wait to hear the rest!

    7. Neil Baker says:

      Thanks for these – looking forward to any more πŸ™‚

    8. Andrew says:

      A grand in cash is like pennies to Vedder who is worth multi-millions! He probably made a grand off of interest while checking out the Uke in the store!

    9. Peter says:

      Bring on some more πŸ™‚

    10. Tracey says:

      Cool, thanks!

    11. Dylan Pech says:

      how did you aquire this?

      • Cheeto says:

        They got the song from this years 420 treat (something I have done for the last couple years). This was one of the songs from the “Uke Tape” that Ed gave to several of his friends about 10 years ago. One of these people gave me a copy a couple years ago.

        Uke Tape:
        Can’t Keep
        More Than You Know
        Broken Heart
        Waving Palms
        Dream a Little Dream

    12. jerome230 says:

      Dylan Pech: Please refer to the sentence immediately below where it says “ukulele songs demos” in bold.

    13. Friday Links says:

      […] Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele Songs wasn’t stripped down enough for you, there are demos of three songs from it here (thanks to […]

    14. the gypsy says:

      God you two are great!! I hope to meet the infamous goof & gremmie one day….

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