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In the summer of 2009, a few months before the release of Backspacer the TenClub put together what they dubbed a “treasure hunt”. This treasure hunt was not announced anywhere other than the Pearl Jam BBS, Synergy. No front page, no fan sites – nothing. Fans were asked to piece together a variety of images (which we later learned were part of the cover for Backspacer) from various music websites (e.g.,, etc…). Once a user garnered these images and submitted them using their BBS login, they were treated to an mp3 download of a demo version of Speed of Sound. See below.

  • Speed of Sound [Demo]
  • The Fixer [Demo]

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    2. AJ says:

      Wild guess that there isnt a studio version (even a demo) of Of the Earth floating around?

      -15 year old PJfanatic

    3. carlo says:

      is the whole album available in demos?
      let me know asap.

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