avocado demos

  • Worldwide Suicide [Demo]
  • Unemployable [Demo]
  • Severed Hand [Demo]
  • Parachutes [Demo]
  • Life Wasted [Demo]
  • Comatose [Demo]


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    1. javis says:

      I saw this on twitter… thank you, thank you, thank you… I wasn’t aware that this website exists… you can’t imagine how grateful I am… best regards from Buenos Aires, Javier

    2. patrick says:

      Thanks for this – I am pretty sure that the Severed Hand mp3 isnt a demo but the pre-mastered version. I recognize the skip/speed up/glitch/whatever around 2:55 from something that was going around just before the physical release of the album.

    3. DY says:

      I feel like the demos that have leaked for the last few albums have been very polished versions of songs. It seems that the demos that surfaced for earlier material were more likely to have different lyrics or be much more in development. I wonder if that is a conscious effort on the part of the band to control what gets out or more of a product of how their recording process in the last few years.

    4. John says:

      These definitely aren’t what I think of when i see the word “demo”. These all just sound like lower quality versions of the album tracks.

      • gremmie says:

        John, they’re closer to rough mixes than they are to demos. But what’s the difference? For example, on the recent reissue of Vitalogy, there is a Nothingman Demo which just sounds like a lower quality version of the song with slightly different lyrics. Point being, there’s no real nomenclature for this sort of thing. So we usually go with demos for consistency’s sake. Hope this helps.

    5. Sam says:

      About 6 months before this album was released someone who I knew at Sony BMG (who knew I was a huge PJ fan) invited me to their office to listen to a preview of the album. I’m pretty sure that this is the same disc they played for us. It’s definitely the same track selection. Very cool.

    6. ledvedderman says:

      These are all the first six songs that leaked for “Pearl Jam”. I haven’t listened, but I assume Life Wasted has a longer guitar outro

    7. George says:

      Intriguing. Clearly there’s something here, as you can hear off-mic banter at the end of some songs (like “Comatose”), so these are not just lower quality versions of the songs that made the finished album. But they also don’t sound like demos.. maybe just alternate takes?

    8. Rockfan says:

      i have had these since they leaked before the album came out. these are not demo’s they are the leaked songs the 10club let be leaked.

    9. unLEASHed says:

      given that this album came out polished like hell…some of this versions actually have more space to apreciate the songs…

    10. SPENCER says:

      tks from brazil!

    11. SPENCER says:

      tks! from brazil

    12. Justin says:

      These are great, nice to hear before O’Brien raised the volume.

      2×4 – Instrumental
      Only Cloud In The Sky – Instrumental
      Life Wasted – Rough Mix
      Severed Hand – Rough Mix
      The Bigger The Wave – “Big Wave” Rough Mix
      Open Door – Rough Mix
      Rearranged Furniture – Instrumental
      Rearranged Priorities – Instrumental
      10 Billion Years – Rough Mix
      Lucky 13 – “Litho Demo”
      Breeze In D – Instrumental

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