Signature Live

Because  oftentimes the song you want to hear live was recorded by some guy in the 10th row with a tape recorder in one hand and a beer in the other. The rarer the song, the worse the quality it seems. Goof and gremmie are here to help.

The Signature Live series is meant to act as “best version of [insert rare song here]” both in terms of sound quality and performance dynamics.



    9 Responses to Signature Live

    1. Buby says:

      Awesome job guys.

    2. Alex W says:

      This is awesome! Ben Harper is one of my favorite musicians to see live. I work with the Hollywood Bowl and he’s playing there on July 1st. If you’re in SoCal, there are still tickets available. Should be an amazing show…beautiful venue, beautiful voice and good times.

    3. Bill S. says:

      Awesome collection of songs! I’m looking for his cover of Springsteen’s ‘On Fire.”

    4. rob smith says:

      I downloaded “purple rain” but it will not play. it acts as if there is nothing in the file.

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