Newbury Comics 2003

Set: Burn One Down, Please Bleed, I Shall Not Walk Alone, Waiting On An Angel, Amen Omen, Widow Of A Living Man, When It’s Good, She’s Only Happy In The Sun, The Woman In You, Sexual Healing, Diamonds On The Inside, Roses From My Friends, Pleasure And Pain


    2 Responses to Newbury Comics 2003

    1. Tony Davis says:

      i must regain a copy of this live performance. I had it for years and it was stolen from me. This recorded set means more to me than any words can ever say and is pricless to me. i will do anything

    2. Tony Davis says:

      i cannot believe i was just able to download this album i had no idea that i could get it from here i was simply crying for some help to find it thank you does not even begin to express my gratitude for this thank you from the depths of my soul

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