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Here’s a list of questions we usually hear from gremmies around the globe. Please read this first if you have a question. If you still have questions afterwards, write us at Thanks.

Q: How do you download files on

A: First and foremost there is a download button attached to each file, which – when pressed – will automatically attempt to download the file. Alternatively, gremmies can right-click the file link with their mouse and choose the “Save-As” option. This will have the same effect as above: the file will attempt to download to the users computer.

Q: Why don’t you host FLAC files?

A: See here for the answer to that question.

Q: Why don’t you host Ed solo shows?

A: See here for the answer to that question.

Q: Why should I Become a Fan on Facebook? Are you going to stalk me?

A: To answer the last question first, no. You should become a fan on Facebook because it’s a clear, consistent channel for goof & gremmie to distribute new information about We broadcast only the most important updates and will not bombard your news feed with every minuscule site modification. Plus, it makes us happy to see our work is not going unappreciated.

Q: Why do you have two websites?

A: – in its entirety – is one site. goof and gremmie like to think of gremmie’s basement as the basement to the museum that is there’s treasures down there sure; they may not be as pristine as those upstairs, and you may have to dig to find them – but brother when you do, it’ll be worth it.

Q: Is there anything worse than a gremmie outta control?

A: No.


      8 Responses to frequently asked questions

      1. matthew says:

        why havent i been able to find a live version of ARC?
        i trtied here and other live websites
        i have mansfield 7-11-2003 but it seems that ARC was left off all the official releases
        do you have a live, maybe for signature live or something?
        i am wondering if this song causes bootlegging distortion or some other mystery

      2. NAT says:

        hey thanks heaps for this site i just discovered it on the net (wish i knew 10 years ago!)

        how do you get the files that are zipped open into itunes? i downloaded them but don’t know how to unzip them!

      3. mark boswell says:

        this is my understanding of why ‘arc’ was left off the official ’03 boots . . .

        the few times ‘arc’ was played on the ’03 tour it was done in memory of the fans lost in roskilde ’00 (though that fact was unannounced during the shows). it was later decided that it would be inappropriate to include that track in a commercial release.

      4. Mike Leech says:

        Great site

      5. John Burg says:

        First of all – Great job with this website! It is incredible to have access to all of these shows and information.

        I have a question though – Is there a reason why there are no shows listed after 2007 until the PJ20 Alpine shows? Not a criticism at all…just wondering. Thanks

      6. Nick M says:

        What did you use to record at wrigley the quality of the video is excellent?

      7. Darren says:

        Where can I find a download of the Indian Style demos?

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