about us

gremmie.net was developed for the purpose of bringing hard to find and out of print pearl jam to the fan community. as the non-album catalogue has grown substantially since 1990, it’s been in our experience that over the years things go missing. maybe you lost the cd-r with the “poor girl [demo]” mp3 you first found while prowling Napster. perhaps that live version of “lukin” (labeled as “100 pacer”) from the australia ’95 bootleg vanished when your girlfriend dumped you for saying ‘you’d marry eddie vedder before her’. whatever the reason, you can find it at gremmie.net.

gremmie.net came online in 1998, but has been in its current iteration since 2006. we endeavor to make the following statement true: where your collection is as big as ours.

goof is the man behind the scenes pulling the strings; the wizard of oz to gremmie’s tin man. a new york based entrepreneur, goof manages gremmie.net’s technical aspects and occasionally writes for the site. his first show was MSG II 1998.




gremmie is the collector who scours the internet in search of the best and rarest pearl jam. a new york based risk analyst, gremmie organizes the library of songs and writes for the dot net. his first show was Randall’s Island II 1996.




gorgeous george
goregeous george is the supplier and vault curator for the dot net. his dayjob is a mystery, but rumor has it he’s a bouncer for the New York Public Library. his first show was the off ramp 1990.




 king jeremy
King jeremy is the illustrator for the dot net. KJ’s first Pearl Jam show was MSG II in 1998. He hopes to win the Pearl Jam ticket lottery one day.